I come out to the path, alone,
Night and wildness are referred to God,
Through the mist, the road gleams with stone,
Stars are speaking in the shinning lot.
There is grave and wonderful in heaven;
Earth is sleeping in a pale-blue light...
Why is then my heart such pined and heavy?
Is it waiting or regretting plight?
I expect that nothing more goes,
And for past I do not have regret,
I wish only freedom and repose,
I would fall asleep and all forget...
I would like to fall asleep forever,
But without cold sleep of death:
Let my breast be full of dozing fervor
For the life, and heave in gentle breath;
So that enchanting voice would ready
Day and night to sing to me of love,
And the oak, evergreen and shady,
Would decline to me and rustle above.



ion said...

πέρασα να πω την καλησπέρα μου μουσικό elafini..
υπεροχο ποιήμα..

elafini said...

καλησπέρα καθυστερημένη ιον ;)
..ναι σου δημιουργεί εικόνες παγωμένης στέππας..σε συνδυασμό με τον Rachmaninov..

elafini said...

αυτά παθαίνει κανείς όταν απαντάει σε post στις 3 το βράδυ..καθυστερημένη καλησπέρα κι όχι καθυστερημένη ιον..χαχα...φιλιαααααααά