Back to my piano...

O cool evening wave
lap gently under the oars of the gondola
...that song again! in the distance,
now melancholy, now happy,
was heard the sound of the old barcarolle:
'the gondola glides through the water,
and time flies through love.
the water become smooth again
and passion will rise no more.

It is the hour when from the boughs
the nightingale's highnote is heard.
seem sweet in every whisper'd word.
and gentle winds, and waters near,
make music to the lonely ear.

you flow both early and late,
you flow unknown, you flow unseen
inexhaustible, innumerable...
you flow like torrents of rain
in the depths of an autumn night.

The mighty peal rang out over the earth,
and all the air, moaning shuddered and groaned.
Melodious, silver thunderings
told the news of the holy triumph.

Οι Lyubov Bruk και Mark Taimanov
ερμηνεύουν την 1η Σουίτα Rachmaninov για 2 πιάνα
σε μια ιστορική εκτέλεση του 1959.


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elafini said...

Από τα ομορφότερα πιανιστικά κομμάτια...

Τα ποιήματα είναι εισαγωγικά κάθε μέρους, τυπωμένα στη παρτιτούρα.

Καλό βράδυ

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Xνούδι said...

Θερμές ευχές για σήμερα.
Χρόνια πολλά.