Efterklang to 4AD

We are very happy to let you know that we have signed a new record deal with 4AD - one of our absolute favourite labels in the world.

We will now be part of a roster that currently counts fine artists like The National,Deerhunter, TV on the Radio, M Ward, Scott Walker, St. Vincent and many more and we are of course full of anticipation about this new collaboration between 4AD and Efterklang. First project together will be our 3rd studio album, which will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2010. The playground for this new friendship is the world, but in Scandinavia we will release our future albums on our own Rumraket label.

This does not mean that we are cutting all ties to our current home, The Leaf Label. Not at all, actually. October 19th 2009 they will release Performing Parades by Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra on CD/DVD & LP/DVD.

We have been releasing our music on The Leaf Label since 2004 and it is the home of our Tripper and Parades albums as well as our mini-albums Springer andUnder Giant Trees. It has been absolutely joyful for us and we are proud that we have contributed to their incredible discography. We are still waiting for them to release a record we dont like, but we are beginning to think that it will never happen. We think they will be reading this and here is a huge and sincere THANK YOU for them.

We should also tell you that we have reissued the debut album by our good friends Grizzly Bear. Horn of Plenty is out now again and can be ordered here:Rumraket.com/shop

Best wishes from Copenhagen!

Casper, Mads, Thomas & Rasmus - Efterklang

PS. you rock our world


indiefuck said...

Άιντε ν' αγοράσω και κανα δίσκο τους... Είπαμε στηρίζω 4AD περισσότερο κι απ' το ΚΚΕ...

elafini said...

Μεγάλη δήλωση!