Go Jónsi Go

Release date and cover

The release date of Jónsi's debut solo album, 'Go', has been confirmed for the week of April 5th around the world*. Featuring 9 songs drawn from the large pool of material amassed by Jónsi during his many years as singer with Sigur Rós, and arranged in collaboration with classical wunderkind Nico Muhly ("one of the hottest composers on the planet" Daily Telegraph last week), the album now has a finished sleeve, conceptualised and realised by Jónsi's sisters Inga and Lilja. Here's how it looks:

'Go' cover image

World tour

Meanwhile, details of his first live concerts outside of Sigur Rós will be announced next Monday (Feb 1). The shows which start in North America in April, will feature a brand new band and a stage set designed by 59 Productions. Both these things promise to be drop-dead amazing. The idea of the stage collaboration with 59 Productions is to bring together the worlds of theatre and music in a new and hopefully unique way, in order to create something other than the hoary old cliches that pass for innovation in rock'n'roll. The ideas remain very much "in development", but there will be some surprises, for sure. Here's a maquette (a tiny cardboard model, to you and me) of how things might appear. Cute, huh?

Jónsi tour design moquette

Anyway, we wanted you to know we are going for broke on this and it ain't in any way going to be Jónsi alone on stage with an acoustic guitar, no sirree. Wish us luck.

Jónsi on WNYC (Interview and Acoustic Set) by Jónsi

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