Smelling the long grass...

The grass has grown tall, it’s covered my footprints...

The safe rope is breaking, and I won't find my way back to you...

Though few could have predicted it would have turned out this way, anyone who has followed Her

Name is Calla knew they would continue to defy a foreseen progression. As a crossroads emerged

between oblivion and uncertainty, the latter was chosen as the band swelled in equal measure of rank

and fear. The Union into the unknown proved surprising and fortuitous, however, as the group parted

with Gizeh Records and made the long awaited journey into Europe with live dates and a release of

The Heritage on CD and glorious 12" vinyl on Denovali.

Long Grass is the first emerging sound of the forthcoming, long anticipated full length album 'The

Quiet Lamb', which follows in the fitting season of Spring. From this

initial offering, it's clear that the

eventual release is far removed from the projected vision of years past. A swollen, heartfelt Her Name

is Calla shovel and uncover a folksier, delicate undertone amidst the soil of a now buried recent past.

Piano, mandolin, banjo and violin pluck and punctuate the soft, acerbic, breathy air of age and

abandonment. Adam Weikert emerges from behind the drum kit to steer and engineer the new sound

with frontman Tom Morris on both the title track and A Sleeper, a new version of a rare favourite

amongst fans: the demo of which was included on just 20 personalised copies of The Heritage.

Extended and reworked, A Sleeper glistens with optimism and moistened eyes, as hearts explode like

stars and fallout becomes final.

Long Grass is available on limited 10" and download from all good digital and physical retailers on

26th January 2010, or directly from Denovali's own store a

t http://www.denovalirecords.com. The

release precedes a UK tour in March with friends Worriedaboutsatan, which continues in Europe

from April. All dates are at http://www.thisisitforever.co.uk .

watch the video here

download the EP here

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