Elfish tapes

The “Elfish Tapes” is the first part of “The Elfish Circle” trilogy. It has been dreamt
and conceived as a double record album and consists of fifteen pieces. Three of them are
of spoken poetry, illustrated by electronic sounds and by the sounds of everyday life.
The “Elfish Tapes” album is made by recording onto magnetic tape, electronically
produced oscillations, which, when played from tape, are heard through loudspeakers
as sounds.

All field recordings took place in abandoned buildings in the countryside, in
a fast highway while driving, in a small village graveyard and mostly by the
beach, during spring, autumn and winter. Modern digital computer technology was
used to make the editing of these sounds more flexible.

The “Elfish Tapes” will be released in various formats on March 2010_
More information will follow through all ION links_

Lazareta (feat. May Roosevelt) by ION_

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