ION @ poplie (updated with link)

ο iON διαλέγει τα δέκα αγαπημένα του κομμάτια
και του το ανταποδίδω επιλέγοντας
τα δικά μου αγαπημένα
από τους πρόσφατους δίσκους του.

iON - Message From Dreamland
iON - π
iON - Electric Poem I
iON - Little Raven
iON - Toujours
Roedelius - Toujours
Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies
Eno Moebius Roedelius - After The Heat
Brian Eno - The Big Ship
Ultravox - Just For A Moment
Can - She Brings The Rain
iON - Diving
iON - Black Spring

Joy Division - Decades
David Bowie - Heroes
The Residents - Never Known Questions
Tuxedomoon - In The Name Of Talent
iON - Lazareta
May Roosevelt - The One Where Girl Finds Out
May Roosevelt - The One With The List
iON - In The Royal Garden
iON - Je Suis Un Matin
iON - I Piss Into The Blue Sky
iON - Abattoir
iON - R. R. Hearse
iON - Rebirth
iON - Beds Of Birds
iON - Stay With Me In Dreams Forever

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