2L8: New Battles, new double album


Hi there,

It’s me. You can call me K. One letter these days is enough for a name. I am a clown and so they call me K. the Clown. Yes, like most clowns I am happy, but behind my disguise there is a man. And unlike many men, he is happy too. How come? This story is about music:
I was born and raised in a small town in North Greece, Serres. In the house I grew up there wasn’t a single record. Which is quite amazing, I know, but one should consider that I come from a family of farmers and workers, and most of all a family of simple, common and loving people. It wasn’t till my late teens that I bought an electric guitar and then the dream of becoming a rock star emerged. And of course it wasn’t the dream of a boy, it was the illusion planted by the dream making industry. Well I never really did manage to learn how to play the guitar or any other instrument, properly that is, but still somehow the dream came alive and became reality sort of speaking, as in the following years my music was published, my releases where soundly praised by both the public and the press. Next I was touring with the band!
The first piece of music I ever composed was embraced by the incomparable Poeta Negra records. And this is where 2L8 sets off, to an amazing journey. Music has been my education in life, as I made my first steps in rage, with so little understanding and in the process I found inner peace. I consider myself a lucky man, for in all these years I have met so many worthy people and learned so many things about the very essence of existence, and also met so many broken people who live with distorted dreams, realized some where my dreams too, and then thankfully the illusion faded, and I was saved from megalomania. If the journey was to end today, all I would say is, that’s ok, thanks for the ride. And it was all because of YOU!

In this journey I learned a tone about arts, which for someone like me who never had any kind of contact with art as a child is a blessing. I even find myself a member of Angelus Novus Theatre Co. composing the music for classic masterpieces of global theatre! I know that it might be easier for all of you, but for me art has always been so difficult to understand, especially poetry. I struggle with words. There is only one little poem I ever really embraced and want to share with you:
They are playing a game.
They are playing at not playing a game.
If I show them I see they are I shall break the rules and they will punish me.
But I do see the game. And if the basic rule of the music industry is to pretend that there is no game, and all you have to do is play along and then you’ll be rewarded, well, I’ll pass. For some this is self-destruction, for me this is a totally different perception of life. And so it was really easy rejecting all offers, which in some strange(?) coincidence all had the same recommendation, or even clause. Get rid of the band…

2L8 is not your typical band. This is not about band members. This is about the collective: Musicians, video artists, cinematographers, actors, dancers, costume, stage, light and graphic designers and common people like me!!! We’ve reached this point where 2L8 no longer belongs to me. 2L8 no longer belongs. It carries all kind of different dreams with a common goal. Living with passion, a full life where our principles are equality, caring, compassion, no lust for money, no lust for prestige. I say no commitment. We are constantly changing, evolving. People come and go. They take and they give. This is about communication, thought, action, and this is about dialogue. About sharing and creating. This is NOT about profit. And this is why we are here, in pledge music, asking from all our friends around the world for their precious support.

This is about freedom, which happens to be the main issue in the next release entitled:
New Battles, without Honor and Humanity.
And it is a double cd! 25+ new 2L8 tracks!!!
The first cd is hmmm, let’s say honor related and was baptized Sunlight and the other one is more about what makes us all human and was baptized Moonlight. It is a dipole.
The desire to be part of the change VS the desire to be an observer of life.
We are planning on another book edition package containing a story I wrote many years ago with some beautiful illustration. And planning on new videos and planning and planning…

And now the fate of our new project, our new creation, is in your hands. You decide if this is meant to be. Join us, and if you are not able to help in this battle, there are so many other ones. We are always open, always in need of positive people who believe in change. And if you do join us, we’ll be posting updates throughout the project, so you’re up to date with recording and overall progress.

It all gets down to this:
New Battles ahead. Are you going to fight with us?

With Love, Care and HOPE,
K. the Clown.

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