15 minutes with Trouble Over Tokyo!

It’s almost 3 years since our first talk about your second album 'Pyramides', which received excellent reviews. Since then, your superhero 'travelled' a lot till your third and recent album 'The Hurricane'. Tours, studios, videos…Tell me about this big journey.
Yeah, it's been a while, and a big journey inbetween - I left London and moved to Vienna, toured the USA, and many countries in Europe, and recorded for the first time in a professional studio - I feel like I learnt a lot, technically, musically, and most importantly I learnt a lot about myself in that time. Loads changed, and this all found it's way into The Hurricane..

 I think that you are musically reborn in your new album, in a majestic way. Talking to your audience and specifically the Greek one, how would you descibe 'The Hurricane'?
 Thank you! :) The Hurricane is for me the diary of a disaster happening - though not a natural disaster as the name suggests, it's more a metaphor for a cataclysmic force ripping through your life, destroying and creating at the same time. Musically I think and hope it reflects that.

You had an exclusive deal with the mobile football game X2 for the games soundtrack. How come? Plans for future types of collaborations? A movie or something you badly want to try? 
Yes, this happened through a friend - collaborations and opportunities come from the most unexpected places sometimes! In terms of future stuff like that, I'm really not sure - I'd love to create for something like a movie, but my creations are so introspective, I'm not sure if I'd be capable.. we'll see!

Your band name is quite relevant these days with the tragic situation in Japan. There was an issue with youtube too?
Unfortunately, yes.. there was an issue with the national radio stations here in Austria, who decided not to play my new single due to the name of the band.. very odd, as I'm well known here and it's not like my name changed in the last 4 years.. but! With the internet we will prevail!

Are there any visions of a fourth album? Or touring is a priority right now?
None yet, I haven't written a note in a year... though this is always the same, I have long periods where the need to create music just isn't in me.. then I freak out, wondering if I'll ever create again, and then BOOOOM I have songs... Fingers crossed!!

Before closing I want to thank you for my name credit in “The Hurricane” .
We are looking forward for Saturday night!!!
thankyouthankyouthankyou! :)

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James said...

Quite nice interview!

elafini said...

Thanks James!

There is an older one Here , but unfortunately only in greek